Reviews written by lucytim

Vic Studios

Epitome of Artistic Elegance

I knew what kind of photos I wanted for my wedding - ones that showcased our personalities and the intricate details of the wedding- but it was difficult to find a photographer that met our expectations - until we met Vic. I remember walking into his office with my mom, taking one look at the photos on the walls, and knowing that he was the photographer I would choose. Vic and his staff exceeded all of our high expectations. They were fun, hard-working, and attentive. It took me over a year to choose the photos for our wedding album because each photograph looked like a work of art. I literally gasped when I saw our wedding album - it was absolutely breathtaking what he did. He captured every single detail, every look, every smile, every touch and transformed them into individual "paintings." I have several of them hanging throughout our home. Vic Studios' taste/personality in photography can be best characterized as "artistic elegance." I would recommend his services to anyone! Thank you, Vic + staff!! :)
Jul 22nd, 2015