Reviews written by rpondeva

DJ International

Law School Graduation

I hired DJ International and Nic for my law school graduation celebration and was truly extremely happy that I did. After having been super stressed, tired, and busy studying for my law school final exams meanwhile attempting to plan a party, I could not have been happier to find Nic. He was extremely professional and very organized. He met with me and listened to all of my requests of what I wanted and did not want. We met at his office and listened to different music in order for him to get the best idea of what I wanted for my celebration and I was very pleased and happy with the attention I was receiving as a client. My party turned out better than I could have ever expected and I truly believe a large part of it has to do with Nic. I am a strong believer that music and a DJ is such a big part of any celebration and event and it truly completes the night. I could not have been happier with Nic, the music was exactly what I had asked for, a variety of fun young new music for the younger crown, some oldies for my older guests, and just a perfect combination that allowed every single guest at may party to enjoy their night. It was truly a pleasure working with Nic and DJ International and I am definitely one happy client.
Mar 18th, 2015