Reviews written by sabvik

DJ Sevag

Unforgettable DJ!

My husband and I got married last month on 06-15-2013. When we decided to interview with DJ SEVAG, we knew nothing of him. We had never seen him live before so we didn't know what to expect. Naturally, we were a bit nervous in the beginning, because the DJ is such an important part of a wedding. But once we met with him, we we were sure that we wanted him as our DJ. He is a very nice and humble person. He was open to our comment/concerns and wanted to hear what we had to say. We went over the wedding timeline, songs we like / songs we don't like; he edited the entrance songs for the wedding party; and he was always in full communication with us and never tried to get rid of us for asking too many questions or visiting him too many times. Fortunately, we made an amazing choice. We could not have picked a better DJ. He played the best music at our wedding, totally reading the crowd at every moment. He switched from Armenian, to American, to Latin and Arabic in a seamless way. He is also a superb MC. We had a mixed crowd of middle eastern, latin, american; but he was able to put everything into the mix. People did not stop dancing for one minute and even the hotel staff told us what an upbeat crowd we were. And this was all possible thanks to DJ SEVAG. We highly recommend him for wedding, engagement or any other occasion with music involved.

Thank you DJ SEVAG for an amazing wedding!
Jul 20th, 2013

Heartbeat DJ

Incredible DJ - Amazing Night!!

DJ Heartbeat was at our Engagement party 2 weeks ago. We have nothing but good things to say about his performance. First, his whole music and lighting setup was amazing and lightened up the dance floor. The music choice was perfect, mixing up Armenian, Arabic, English and Spanish all at the right time, keeping our guests dancing all night. Also, his MC skills are superb!! He is very well spoken and a good presenter.

We truly enjoyed his performance and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ that will keep the party going all night long.

Thank you Vasken for an amazing night!
Sep 3rd, 2012