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The Best in the Business!

This review is long overdue now that we’re getting a chance to catch our breaths. I can’t say enough good things about Sharon! You will not go wrong by having her as your coordinator, and in fact it’s probably going to be the smartest investment you made for your wedding or event. About a month and a half before our wedding, I realized we really needed someone to make sure everything went smoothly the day of so that me and my (now) husband wouldn’t have to worry and could enjoy our event. I was ecstatic to have found Sharon and was put more and more at ease as the wedding came closer. Sharon is extremely organized and full of good ideas. She helped with issues that came up even before the wedding. When our photography venue told us we had to get our own insurance, we didn’t know what to do, but Sharon came to the rescue with a vendor that could just charge us for one day and for a great price. Then when we had to come up with how to display the party favors and the banquet hall didn’t quite have what we liked, Sharon again came up with the most amazing and beautiful display trays and it didn’t even cost us anything extra. There’s many examples like this from the day that Sharon became our coordinator, she was by our side and coming up with great suggestions and solutions. The day of the wedding, things could not have gone more smoothly thanks to Sharon. She made sure to keep the timeline on track so we could have fun. Even her husband came and helped so we were really lucky--this doesn’t always happen. Sharon is the quintessential professional who is very resourceful and quick to adapt to changing circumstances! If I ever have another event, she is the one I want!
Jan 18th, 2016