The Definitive Guide To Your Wedding Day Shot List

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Here's a fact. You're going to take an infinite number of photos on your wedding day. Prepare yourself (and your mouth, for the record!) to smile ear to ear from AM to PM. But the great news is that it won't be so hard to do, right?

What may be a little difficult to keep track of is the actual photos you are taking, since that's more or less up to your photography crew. However, as much as your photographer is going to capture every second of the Big Day, it may be a good idea to get a list together of who or what you'd like to take photos of so that no important or special moment is missed. And, it'll also be helpful for your photographer to have this list on hand so he or she could better organize his or her own check list for your event.

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The team at Harsanik has compiled a photo guide to help you compile your shot list for your wedding day.


Armen Photo Wedding Shot

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If you're planning a traditional Armenian wedding, there are several moments that should be on your "to-capture list" like:

There are other universal traditions to consider as well, like the bouquet or garter toss at the end of the night.

Scenery or Items

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  • Any family heirlooms, jewelry or specialty items that are used on the wedding day
  • The bride's gown, shoes and accessories
  • The groom's suit/tuxedo, shoes and accessories
  • Flowers (bridal bouquet, etc.) and trays with gifts that are brought over to the bride's house for the morning-of celebration
  • Any design or decoration that's special to the wedding day without guests


Armen photo wedding shot

Photo Source Armen Asadorian Photography

This may be the most important category yet. Each family and group may be different, but here's a general rundown.

  • Bride with her mother
  • Bride with her father
  • Bride's parents with bride and groom
  • Bride's parents and sibling(s) with bride and groom
  • Photos with each individual bridesmaid, flower girl, ring boy and wedding party member
  • Group shot with bride, bridesmaids and flower girl
  • Groom with his mother
  • Groom with his father
  • Groom's parents with bride and groom
  • Groom's parents and sibling(s) with bride and groom
  • Solo shots with bride and groom's sibling, or can be combined
  • Photos with each individual groomsman, ring boy and wedding party member
  • Group shot of entire wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsman, etc.)
  • Both bride and groom's families with sibling(s) with bride and groom
  • Grandparents from both sides of the family
  • Extended family, including aunts, uncles and cousins (a photo per family is recommended; best setting would be after your ceremony if time permits)
  • Family friends, personal friends or colleagues (a photo per friend or group is recommended; best setting would be after your ceremony if time permits)
  • Group shots with friends at the reception
  • Don't forget your pets!

The easiest way to approach this may be sitting down with your significant other and compiling a list of the 20–25 family members or friends that you'd like to take a photo with. By handing this list to your photographer, and pairing it against the Harsanik recommended list above, you should be well on your way to organizing your shot list.

Another helpful tip is to identify important members of your family to the photographer, so he or she knows and can notify his or her crew to make sure to capture an ample amount of photos of those individuals.


Kris Kan Wedding Shot

Photo Source Kris Kan

You're in for a treat with all the happy moments that are in store on your wedding, but there are a couple of things to expect and keep in mind:

  • Bride and groom exchanging rings
  • Bride and groom exchanging a kiss after they are pronounced "husband and wife"
  • Bride and groom solo picture at the alter
  • Bride and groom departing the church
  • Bride and groom entering the reception for the first time
  • The "First Dance"
  • The Father/Daughter – Mother/Son dance
  • Cake-cutting ceremony
  • Any "chair-lifting" activity

Have a shot that comes to mind and should be on the bride and groom's "to-capture" list? Please share with us in the comments below!

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