A Bride's Story: Cake Tasting at Cake Studio

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Choosing a cake vendor was one of the easiest tasks for Shant and I.  I have been using Cake Studio for a few years for birthday and other special occasion cakes.  I even had Cake Studio create mini-cakes for my bridal party (see previous blog for pictures).  Cake Studio not only makes delicious cakes, but they are also so creative – they can make any design you can think of!  So I knew Cake Studio was the right choice for us when it came time for our wedding cake.

Shant and I made an appointment with Sonia from Cake Studio, and before meeting with her, Sonia asked us to do some research and collect a few pictures of cake designs we liked.  This was going to help her understand our style to make sure we designed a cake we absolutely loved.  Shant and I went through a few websites and quickly realized that we liked 3-4 tier cakes, round, with flowers between each tier, and alternating designs on each tier.  Since we already decided to use puzzle pieces as our logo, we wanted to integrate our puzzle design into our cake. 

Cake Tasting

When we met with Sonia at Cake Studio, we told her our preferences, and she quickly sketched out our wedding cake.  Then came the most fun part.  Sonia laid out a large platter with 8 cake flavors, 8 fillings, and two ganaches (Sonia had sent us a menu of options that we had narrowed to these “few” options).  Sonia gave us tips on how to mix and match, and gave us some of her most popular combinations.  We were in love with nearly all of the flavors and we had a very hard time making a decision.  But after stuffing our faces with delicious cake, we decided to go with dark chocolate cake with mocha filling and dark chocolate truffle ganache for two of the tiers, and mocha cake with cookies and cream filling and dark chocolate ganache for the other tiers.

Cake Tasting

We loved working with Sonia from Cake Studio – she made the whole process simple and fun. We cannot wait to taste our cake on our wedding day!

Note: Cake Studio has just started a Cake School! They are offering cake making and decorations classes. So make sure to contact Cake Studio for more info!

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