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As I mentioned in my previous blogs, Serj and I wanted to be sure to include as many of our family members as possible in our wedding party. So to recap, Serj's brother, Christian, will be walking in their grandmother, and Jonathan, the youngest brother, will be walking in immediately before me, holding the "Here comes the bride" sign. My niece and nephew will be our flower girl and ring boy.

Here Comes The Bride Wedding Sign

Photo Source Etsy

After we figured out everyone's roles, we had to accessorize them and purchase their props. To find these items, we went right to Etsy.com. For Jonathan, we purchased the "Here comes the bride" sign and were able to match the colors and the size to the wedding.

In my last blog, you may recall that I had already purchased a pillow for my ring boy, and to be honest, I wasn't sure that I wanted to use it. So I started my search on Etsy and realized that many flower girl baskets came with matching ring boy pillows. Of course, I wanted to make sure I ran all my ideas by my four-year-old niece, Sareen, before purchasing anything. Once she gave me the ok on a basket, I matched it with the pillow I already had and it was a perfect fit!

Flower Girl Basket and Ring Boy Pillow

Photo Source Etsy

In addition, I wasn't done accessorizing my own look for the wedding either. I also used Etsy to purchase my garter, I Do wedding shoe stickers for something blue, and the sheets for my guest book. Because we have a photo booth, our guest book had to be unique to fit the photo strips. I ended up purchasing a deconstructed guest book that I will put together myself. Probably the only DIY project I'll take on! 

Wedding Garter

Photo Source Etsy

I Do Wedding Shoe Stickers

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Photo Source Etsy

Other things purchased on Etsy include personalized thank you cards for family and gifts for some of our closest friends.

On another note, we're on a final countdown and so beyond excited that our wedding is just around the corner.

Costs to expect:

Here Comes The Bride Sign: $50-$75

Flower Girl Basket: $20-50

Ring Boy Pillow: $25-50

Garter: $15-$50

Guest Book: $30-100

When to Order:

A month or two before the wedding



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