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Traditionally bridal showers are held to shower the bride-to-be with gifts and wishes preparing her for her big day. Often the maid of honor or the bridesmaids throw the bridal shower. When organizing the bridal shower, it's important to pick a theme that the bride will love... after all, this is all in celebration of the bride! Nowadays, many brides want to stay away from the traditional bridal shower and opt for something more unique. Here are 13 ideas for modern Bridal Showers:

Bridal shower Lace outfit

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1. Fragrance Bar

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We've been seeing metallic colors in various aspects of weddings this year, but now rose gold and copper dominate as they are integrated in creative ways! From invitations, centerpieces to tablescape details, we love the rose gold and copper trend. The best part is, these colors work with different themes including rustic or glamourous, elegant weddings. Here are 14 ways to incorporate this trend into your special day:

1. Tablescape 

Copper and Rose Gold Wedding

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Flowers are an important and special part of all weddings. Most couples spend a lot of time and money choosing the right flowers for their special day. After all that planning, the last thing you want is to throw it all away. From your centerpieces to bridal bouquet, there are many ways to preserve your flowers as keepsakes. Here are 4 ways to preserve your flowers after the wedding:

1. Make Jewelry

Use dried flowers or turn flowers into beads to make jewelry

Flower Necklace

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Wedding décors have gone far from the ordinary to new and creative styles. One of this year's most popular is the agate and geode décor. These stones are the perfect touch to your wedding to create a modern yet Boho chic theme. Their beautiful shapes, unique patterns, and vibrant colors are simply gorgeous and make dazzling decorations. Here are 7 ways to incorporate agate and geode into your wedding.

1. Wedding Cake

Based on your color theme, incorporate agate or geode designs into your wedding cake. This give the cake a 3D feeling as well!

Wedding Cake

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Choosing your wedding flowers is one of the most important yet challenging parts of wedding planning. As you start searching and seeing all the beautiful flower combinations on Pinterest, the process may feel overwhelming. From so many pretty blooms to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on which to choose to include in your wedding!

To help you get started, we've featured FTD Flower's top 3 favorite centerpieces, each inspired by different color palettes and themes. From classic blooms like roses and peonies, to exotic varieties such as protea and even air plants, these centerpieces will certainly inspire your wedding centerpiece designs. Each mood board is accompanied by a helpful list of the flowers used, so that you can easily recreate them yourself!

Bold and Bright

1. Bold & Bright

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