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With a modern and pleasing selection of international music, DJ Sevag will take your wedding to a whole new level. Your guests will be thrilled to dance to today's hits along with the traditional hits of yester-year, all mixed seamlessly throughout the night. It will be the wedding everyone remembers, and it will be yours.
Book DJ Sevag and tell your hall you won't be needing any chairs. (Don't really tell them you don't need chairs)
We urge you to visit to understand the level of professionalism, precision and organization that you can expect from one of LA's top international djs.


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Best DJ....Period!!

My wife and I hired DJ Sevag for our wedding last year. Let me tell you that DJ Sevag is the single most mind-blowing DJ you will meet. Everything in these other reviews is spot on (easy to work with, efficient, accommodating etc.) not to mention he had people dancing all night long!! There was not a single person in the entire hall that was not on their feet from the moment my wife and I walked in to the moment we left. He transitions flawlessly from song to song and from Armenian to American music. If you are searching for a DJ, look no further. He is without question the best DJ and you will not have a single regret in hiring him. He makes things so easy, and coordinates with the other vendors so well. Not to mention he keeps the flow of the evening so smoothly. My wife and I were so happy and thankful that he was able to do our wedding. Overall, top-notch, grade A++++ professional that will have peoples feet hurting on the dance floor all night long. Thank you DJ Sevag!!!!
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Beginning to End - Top Notch

DJ Sevag was referred to us by a friend who was recently married. We were planning our wedding to held in LA, but lived in NYC. I would have to say that from beginning to end, DJ Sevag was extremely professional, accommodating, straightforward, and just easy to work with. In reference to preparing for the wedding, he made things as simple as they could be, which was imperative since we were planning from 3000mi away. He was easy to get in contact with, and very organized. In reference to the wedding itself, he was perfect. Both sides of the family are not Armenian, so we thought it might present an issue, but not at all. He did a terrific job setting up the sound, with speeches/toasts, and most importantly, knowing when and what music to play at just the right times for a very eclectic mix of ages, cultures, musical tastes, etc. Can't say enough about what a great DJ he is. Thanks, Sevag!!!
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DJ Sevag was the obvious choice for our wedding September 7, 2014 at Renaissance Banquet Hall! I was thrilled when he told me he was available to DJ our wedding! He is extremely professional and is a pro at reading the crowds and playing each genre of music accordingly. Our guests hardly sat down and I believe that is a true attestation to Sevag's level of expertise! Also, since we didn't have a reception coordinator, he acted as such and worked out the timing of the various event for the evening. Book him as soon as you know your date, he gets busy fast!
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DJ Masterpiece

The first time when I meet Sevak it was at my brother's wedding. I was really surprised and happy to see our guests enjoying the music and and not willing to leave the dance floor for a minute. He was really keeping our guests dancing by playing different songs from different nationality, different rhythms on right timing. By the time I was planing my engagement for the following year. After wedding I called him and booked him for my engagement as always he rocked the dance floor and performed the best. After 3 weeks later I called him and booked him for my wedding, that's right but one thing that he really surprised me was how well he coordinated everything. He has lots of experience, he gives you the idea of what to do and how to do it and what time. Basically he was coordinating my entire wedding and DJ-ing at the same time. Oh by the way he Dj-Ed my younger brother's wedding the next year. Sevak jan you are now our family Dj and thank you for your hard work and effort. Simply YOU ARE THE BESTTTT......
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Best DJ!!

My fiance and I hired Sevag to DJ our engagement party on 10/10/2014 at Deluxe Banquet Hall. We've seen his work before and knew that he would be able to play all the music both our families like. Sure enough, everyone loved him as much as we did and the dance floor was packed all night. We didn't even realize how fast the time went because of the amount of fun we were having on the dance floor. People are still telling us how much fun they had!

Also, in the beginning, we were all so nervous - we're both the firsts in our family, but Sevag was able to help us out by explaining the procedure of Armenian/Assyrian engagement parties with the priest blessing in the beginning.

Everything was just perfect! Thank you Sevag!!
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Best DJ

Sevag is by far the best DJ I have ever had. We have had him DJ several events (weddings, baptisms, showers) and he never disappoints. The dance floor was packed the entire night and so many people complimented the music selection. He also checks in with you throughout the night to make sure everything is on track and everyone is happy. I would never use another DJ.
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Best/Most Professional DJ!!!

My husband and I were so impressed with DJ Sevag and couldn't have been happier with our decision to have DJ Sevag be a part of our special day. He exemplifies professionalism and he just gets it. You can tell about the type of person he is even by looking at his website which is so well thought out and informative. From the first second we met him, we got a sense that we can trust him with our event. Sevag is so polite and professional, there aren't enough good things we can say about him. We had our initial meeting in person and as soon as we met him, we knew we did not need to look any further. As we got closer to our wedding, he suggested a phone chat, where he listened to our suggestions and provided many song selections based on what we wanted. We even spoke the day before our wedding to finalize our music selection and to make sure we were all on the same page. Sevag showed up with his assistant several hours before our wedding (without us asking him to) to ensure setting up in a timely manner. He was dressed in a black suit/tie, had an incredible quality music system with classy/fun/ upbeat music selections. Sevag is a very punctual, knowledgeable, classy, professional DJ and we can\\'t wait to refer him to all of our friends!!! He is incredible and we feel lucky he was there and made our wedding even more special! Thanks Sevag!!!!
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Search no further! He's your guy

If you're looking for an international DJ who is up to date with all of the new, upbeat music, then you have found your guy! Sevag is kind, helpful, EXTREMELY ORGANIZED, and he is one of the main reasons our event was absolutely amazing. The entire crowd was up the whole duration of the engagement. Not only did he accommodate our every request, but by using his expertise in the field, gave us suggestions which made our experience flawless. Thank you, Sevag! So glad you made our evening brilliant with your genuine talent.
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Best DJ!!!

DJ Sevag is absolutely amazing!!! We couldn't be happier with the decision we made. He is so professional and the most friendliest guy ever! He helped us out so much and made sure everything was on track and going smooth all night long. He definitely had everyone partying like they have never partied before. We definitely recommend DJ Sevag you will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything you did to make sure that we have nothing to worry about and just have a great time. Can't wait to work with you again!

Raffi & Tina
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Best of the Best

DJ Sevag is a true professional whose passion and care on our special day meant everything. He is organized, knowledgeable, truly listens, and has true talent in reading the crowd. Thank you, Sevag! You're the best of the best!
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DJ Sevag and our wedding day!

We hired DJ Sevag for my bridal shower and wedding. We really appreciate everything Sevag did to make the wedding reception go as smoothly as possible. We felt that he handled any unexpected changes in the evening very professionally and we were very impressed with how well he communicated with the floor manager and the hall that evening. We were also very pleased with the type of music he played and we know he kept the crowd going all night. If you go with Sevag, just know that he will handle any problems that occur and in the most calm manner ever and that's what you need on a hectic day. Thank you again so much for making our evening memorable!
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Best DJ ever!!!

DJ Sevag is absolutely AMAZING. He is a true professional in all aspects. We recently hired Sevag for our wedding and it was the best choice we had ever made! Not only did he rock the house with his spectacular beats; he took the role of a wedding planner. He made sure our live band played at the right times, he followed our schedule vividly, and most importantly he was attentive to all of our needs. Sevag's knowledge and expertise sets him apart from all the other DJ's. Just know if DJ Sevag is at your event you can expect nothing else but organization and sore feet from all the dancing! Keep up the great work Sevag! Thank you !
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Amazing DJ!

I highly recommend DJ Sevag! He was truly a joy to work with, not to mention an amazing, professional DJ! He listened to my clients' wants and delivered on everything wonderfully! I will definitely hire him again for any other event that I am coordinating!
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Best DJ and great person!!!!!

Thank you soo much DJ Sevag for our wedding music!!!! Not only is DJ Sevag an amazing DJ but also the most professional person in this entire industry!!!!! He was able to clear out last minute issues with the band at our wedding and he was so calm which kept us calm all night!!! Also he is super organized and made sure the night went according to planned!!! You will not regret DJ Sevag!! Thank you again Sevag!!!!!
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Best Dj Ever!!!

DJ Sevag was the Dj for our wedding this past September. we are very trilled with his performance.
I have been to many weddings in the past and I have seen some good Dj's out there but I have never seen a Dj to make every single guest dance all night like DJ Sevag did in our special day.
Our wedding was mix Armenian and Hispanic, and we were very worried about the music, but as soon as we met with him and he told us his plan, we felt very confident. He customized most of the songs to our taste and he was very patience with us to the last days before the wedding.
We highly recommend him to be the DJ of your special day if you want to have a fun wedding and have all your guests to have a blast.
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Awesome DJ

Sevag was one the best DJ\\'s I've ever heard at a wedding. I've been the tamada (emcee) many times and I've attended countless weddings at Bagramian Hall, and the crowd has rarely ever been this satisfied. He played the most popular new songs for the young crowd and classics for the older crowd. He played a good balance of Armenian and American music (since it was requested) and he was very open to suggestions. I can't tell you how many people came up to me and asked me who the DJ was. I will definitely be referring him to all of my family and friends.
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DJ Sevag was the dj for our weddig this past August and we were so pleased with him. My husband and I knew we had nothing to worry about after the first time we met with him.

Sevag is so professional, from the way he dresses for the event, to the type of music he plays, to the way he carries himself. Needless to say we had an amazing time at our wedding, but what made it great was that our guests had a blast too.

Dj Sevag played the type of music we had requested, but he gave it his own style and twist. The music will either make or break the wedding and Dj Sevag rocked the music and our wedding. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!
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Great DJ, easy going, professional

DJ Sevag was the DJ and MC for our wedding recently. He really listens to what you want and tailors the song list to your preferences. Not the typical "I know best" attitude from most Armenian vendors. Best of all, he speaks fluent Armenian and English without accent! This was important to us since we had a lot of non-Armenians coming to the wedding and we had to cater to both groups. We recommend him highly for your wedding or special event!
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Our favorite wedding vendor!

DJ Sevag was by far our favorite vendor at our wedding! From day one he was immensely professional and took his job very seriously. He made us feel as though our wedding was his number one priority. Leading up to the wedding he answered every phone call and e-mail promptly. He included a consultation with us before the wedding to go over every last detail. We had a multi-cultural wedding and so the right blend of music was important for us in making sure all our guests felt comfortable and DJ Sevag delivered this masterfully. He kept the energy up the entire night, he didn't cut songs off from the middle, and he played the perfect mix while keeping everyone's specific song requests in mind. He worked so well with our hotel coordinator and with our day of schedule making sure everything was flowing smoothly and we were on track with the timing. We got married at the Four Seasons where they work with a variety of DJs every single weekend and they also said they were impressed with our DJ and the way he worked with them and their requests the entire night. I HIGHLY recommend DJ Sevag for any wedding. Best decision we made!
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Best DJ, Host, Everything!!!!! :)

What can we say, Sevag was amazing from start to finish! When we first met him, we knew he was our guy. Integrity, knows the music, open to our suggestions and incorporated them throughout the night, responsive, outgoing, coordinated not only the music but how the night would progress! We really couldn't have asked for more! Sevag is not only a DJ, but he comes across as a long lost friend who knows you as a couple and anticipates not only your liking and style, but those of the guests! He kept the party moving and shaking! So thankful we went with him - he is fantastic! So professional! He played an integral part in making our wedding fabulous and a huge crowd pleaser! Thank you Sevag! I hope if you\\'re reading this, you make the best decision and book him NOW!

Eddie and Sarin - est. 2013 :)
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Best DJ Ever!!!

Sevag is a professional DJ who cares about his clients. He makes sure that your wedding/event runs smoothly. He sits down with you a month before your wedding creating a detailed agenda for your big day. He is always available and open to making changes even if it is the night before your event. He knows how to get the crowd on their feet and keep them on their feet all night long. His transitions are very smooth and his choice of music is great. He keeps in touch with you throughout the wedding and makes sure you are happy with how things are going and what is going to come next. You know that you are in good hands with Sevag. The DJ is one of the most important aspects of a party and he knows how to get it done. You will not regret your choice with Sevag. He knows what he is doing, he is a professional, and will make sure that you and your guests are pleased at the end of the night. I have recommended and will continue to recommend DJ Sevag to all my friends and family because he will make any event a success!

Raffi and Ani
Event Date: July 28, 2013
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Our Rock Star

Sevag, you are the ROCK STAR of our wedding night. You have simply "WoW"-ed us with your music selection, transition, coordinating with the Band as if you were one team. You are a skilled individual whom I am glad to have invited to your wedding to keep the party going non-stop all night.
Sevag, not only did your services in providing music for a night to remember, but your tips, ideas and input on planning the party, making sure everything is planned perfectly has worked to our benefits and we're glad we listened to your inputs and ideas, because you made it more personal rather than a transaction.
I can't see myself inviting anyone to any future occasions to play the best music and have the best spirit other than you.

Michael & Margaret
Event Day: June, 21, 2013
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Music made the night Magic!!!

I have known Sevag for a long time and I always send him referrals including my brothers wedding last year. When it was my turn... I knew exactly who would make our night special and that was Sevag! He is professional, kind, and a musical genius, who doubles as a physic. He knows exactly the feel you want to capture at your wedding, giving you and your guests the exact mixes that will have them on their feet all night.
At some point throughout our wedding, we tried 3 times to visit with tables and toast each one, but every time we looked around NOT a single person was seated they were all on the dance floor! He has the toughest job of the evening and does it with a sense of calm. Also if you have him you really do not need a day planner...he maps out the entire evening, and is constantly communicating with you to help move the evening along smoothly.
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Amazing DJ!

Our wedding on 3/16/13 was at Anoush on Glenoaks in Burbank. DJSevag was our DJ and he was such a big part of making our day run smooth and ensuring that it was unforgettable for both us and our family and friends. Sevag is an amazing DJ with the greatest selection of music. He really made it a priority to listen to what we wanted and made it happen. We really couldn't have done it without him. Sevag exceeded my expectations when he was the top player in making sure the reception went smoothly. He asked for a schedule of how we wanted the night to run and he was so great in advocating for it. I was in such good hands I didn't even stress about it. He also had an amazing way of being so personable and sweet yet professional. We really owe a lot to him and are thankful for the amazing experience. We highly recommend him!
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Unforgettable DJ!

My husband and I got married last month on 06-15-2013. When we decided to interview with DJ SEVAG, we knew nothing of him. We had never seen him live before so we didn't know what to expect. Naturally, we were a bit nervous in the beginning, because the DJ is such an important part of a wedding. But once we met with him, we we were sure that we wanted him as our DJ. He is a very nice and humble person. He was open to our comment/concerns and wanted to hear what we had to say. We went over the wedding timeline, songs we like / songs we don't like; he edited the entrance songs for the wedding party; and he was always in full communication with us and never tried to get rid of us for asking too many questions or visiting him too many times. Fortunately, we made an amazing choice. We could not have picked a better DJ. He played the best music at our wedding, totally reading the crowd at every moment. He switched from Armenian, to American, to Latin and Arabic in a seamless way. He is also a superb MC. We had a mixed crowd of middle eastern, latin, american; but he was able to put everything into the mix. People did not stop dancing for one minute and even the hotel staff told us what an upbeat crowd we were. And this was all possible thanks to DJ SEVAG. We highly recommend him for wedding, engagement or any other occasion with music involved.

Thank you DJ SEVAG for an amazing wedding!
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