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Brian, and his production team, BGS Productions, have been capturing priceless events since 1999. We specialize in all types of events, including weddings, engagements, and other special occasions. Event production is our passion; having a chance to be creative every time we film or edit an event. 


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Stacy + Danny's Downtown L.A. LIVE wedding

Brian was not only attentive and professional, but he understood and performed his expertise with ease and skill beyond compare. Being in the event business myself, I am a bit jaded at times so when it came to my wedding I knew that I needed a videographer to capture the best parts of our loving day. Honestly, I didn't think I needed a videographer until about 2 weeks before our wedding I realized my grandpa that resides in Michigan along with the rest of my family couldn't make the trip. I also was referred by a friend and she was ecstatic with their results and at the time her father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and most recently passed so it really hit me that it would be of the utmost importance to have this day filmed. It was an expense that my husband and I weren't planning on incurring since we paid for our entire wedding ourselves, but it became my favorite piece of the day to relive the moments and memories so vividly.

Brian was caring, understanding and fun all at the same time. He helped my husband tie his now tie that he HAD to do himself and not only was stealth as stealth can be during the entire day and evening. He was also extremely respectful and had great, simple advice to offer throughout the day to keep me, my entire family and friends from all over the world to keep everyone happy and calm.

We got married in venues that I sell the space for so it was also a first for me and my team. I am impressed and excited about his work and my nephews loved the DVD so much that they requested their own afterwards! Brian is not only considered an excellent vendor and contact that I would refer time and time again, but he is a friend for life that Danny and I could never forget or thank enough!

Book BGS. Pay BGS. Be happy with the quality and service of BGS for a lifetime together.
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Our wonderful wedding video

One of the most important vendors for my husband and I was the videographer. Our wedding video was one of the few memories we would have forever and when we chose BGS Productions, we knew we made the right choice. Seeing their work really put us at ease that Brian and his amazing team would capture every special moment of our wedding. Brian was so wonderful to work with, always responded to my emails quickly and made this portion of wedding planning super easy. His team was on time the day of the wedding and very professional and sweet throughout the day dealing with my crazy Armenian family! We got multiples copies of our dvd and blurays exactly 2 months after our wedding and it was the first glimpse into our whirlwind day. The moment the video started I was in tears. We cried, laughed and partied all over again. BGS Productions managed to capture every special, sweet and hilarious moment on the most important day of our lives. It's hard to interact with each guest or remember who you danced with but thanks to this wonderful team I get to relive my wedding day every time I press play. Thank you BGS productions for your amazing work!!!
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11/20/2010 Our Wedding =)

First, I would like to take this moment and just say what a pleasant individual Brian is and he has been so great to work with. I have had the best experience with him for my wedding. He was always on top of editing my video, calling me when I was busy and asking me to come in and finish the video. He made sure that he got me my video even when I was busy and couldn't find the time to finalize everything. He captured the best moment and the things I had asked him to do in the video during the wedding and even after the wedding for the editing. He followed through with it. He has not only been the best camera man around but he has kept in touch and he is also a good friend. I could have not asked for a better videographer! I have no regrets and completely satisfied and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who wants the best of the best. Thank you for making my wedding moments so memorable! Pedram and I could not been happier.
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Wonderful Videographer

Our wedding was almost (exactly) 3 years ago and I still rave about Brian! He's talented, so easy to work with, and very kind. He was by far my favorite wedding vendor and would hire him again in a heartbeat! He's very professional and you practically don't even realize he's there. He did a wonderful job of capturing our wedding day. Watching it over and over makes me relive that day like it was yesterday. I always thought our pictures would be the most important memory of our wedding but it has been our video. I promise you won't be disappointed if you go with BGS Productions.
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Incredible, Amazing, the Best!

I honestly don't even know where to start in reviewing BGS Productions. I received my wedding view back 2 weeks ago (Only 6 weeks after our wedding...shocking, I know!) and I've seen it about 7 times already! Brian is hands down the most incredible, talented and sweetest person. I actually found BGS Productions off and only after reading a few reviews I knew that we had to contact him. I had a few other options for videographers, but after meeting with Brian I knew we had found the guy for the job and let me tell you, it was the BEST decision we made. Choosing a photographer and videographer is probably the most important decision when planning a wedding and it's the time to be least stingy because they are by far the one of the most essential part of your wedding. Our wedding day was long, emotional and overwhelming and the next morning we literally couldn't remember half the details and that's when you're most grateful for hiring an amazing videographer!

In addition to hiring BGS for our wedding we also had him do a video montage for us to show during the video so we worked with Brian a few times before the actual wedding and each time we were blown away by his professionalism, commitment and wonderful personality. After the first time Brian came to the house to shoot the montage with both our families, by the end of the day it felt as though he became part of the FAM!

To make a long story short both our video montage and our wedding video were incredible. Brian's editing skills are truly suburb. He captured every moment of our wedding perfectly and still managed to not make our video 6 hours long. My wedding video is now my favorite Movie :) I can watch it all day every really is that great!

So moral of the story is if you're looking for a videographer look no further than BGS Productions! I promise you he is the best! If by some one in a billionth chance you are not satisfied ask Brian for my info and I'll pay for your video haha that's how confident I am that Brian is truly the best in the business. :)

I'm so happy that we found Brian and even though our wedding is over we have now gained a great friend. Thank you Brian for everything!!!!! Xo
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He'll show up - but you'll wish you hired someone

Don't hire this guy, he's just not worth the extra cost.

When we first met and hired Brian we were very excited and thought we found a great videographer. We looked at examples of his work, he was recommended to us by our venue and he'd worked with our photographer before so we thought things would go smoothly. He does a great montage of the day (I mean really great) but that's about all that was good about our final product.

He didn't capture key moments, even though he was in the room at the time (i.e. the signing of our marriage license) and captured others terribly (i.e. he only showed the hands of those signing our Ketubah). A lot of times the video looked like people were out of focus (during toasts and other non dancing events) to which he told me that it was in focus. Only in the Blue Ray copy is everything in focus, but DVD's should be that poor of quality - this isn't VHS.

He cut off the beginning of BOTH the Father/Daughter dance and our First Dance and for the latter he shot the whole thing from behind and only had a 3/4 shot of us so you couldn't see the whole dance.

Much of the first half of the reception wasn't captured either. We had amazing music playing during dinner that really set a tone to the night and he didn't capture a single song. Instead he laid over his own music for his shots for that portion of the night.

It's over a year later and I'm still getting compliments on our music selection, but it wasn't captured for posterity. And of course, that's the entire reason we got a videographer. Pictures are great, but in order to capture the tone, style, and sounds of the wedding, video is the only way to go.

I asked him if he could do a re-edit but he said the material just didn't exist. I asked if I could get a copy of the raw footage in hopes that there was enough there to maybe re-edit it with a different editor, but he would not provide that.

I went back and forth with him trying to salvage the video but at the end I was unable to get something from him that I don't hate. The only compensation he gave me for this fiasco was one free Blue Ray disc (we ordered multiple disks to begin with) so we at least have one copy of the wedding that's in focus. At one point he offered me a small amount of a monetary refund but when I told him that wasn't enough I never heard from him again. My dad wanted me to sue him, but that's just not my style and he did show up and provide a product, it just wasn't a very good one. Out of respect for the person that referred me to him I have held off on posting this review, but the more I think about it the more I feel that I owe it couples reading this to be warned. He charges a lot more than other videographers but he's not at all worth it - and you can't "re-do" your wedding so he can get it right.

Be warned and stay away.

Business Response:
As many of you know, you can never please everyone. With that being said, if you have any questions about this review, I encourage you to ask us about it or read the other amazing reviews from our clients including one from the co-founder of, who was extremely happy with her wedding video we produced.

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Simply the best. Everrr.

STOP searching for wedding videographers - if you've luckily found your way to BGS Productions, YOU'VE FOUND YOUR GUY.

We got our DVDs back surprisingly quick and watched our video right away - and loved it!!! I watched it with so much anticipation just given how much fun it was communicating back and forth with Brian on every last "fine detail" - and by the end of it we were BOTH SO HAPPY with it. My wife (and her parents) really loved it too and said it was everything she was hoping for, so that's really what it's all about in the end!

I was especially pumped that all the song selections and editing came out so well too. Brian really helped me make all the right choices, and thankfully was so flexible and understanding through the entire process. We also went to great lengths to make a huge entrance for our reception by arriving via HELICOPTER, and Brian and his videographer crew captured the big moment SOOOO perfectly and showcased it seamlessly in our video. He even did a special edit for our Recap/Highlight video with my favorite FUN. song.... and oh man, HE NAILED IT. Exactly what I was hoping for. I'm sure every couple that he works with says this, but we were literally up and dancing along in our living room by the end of the video, especially with the bonus dance set/montage!

Just big smiles all around. :) We've both been really busy now that we're married but I still want to watch it 1,000 more times as soon as we can. I really don't know how to thank Brian enough to show how much we appreciate the work that he put in to make this all happen.

The only downside to all of this is now that it\\'s over, we don't really have any more reasons to email each other back and forth!! I guess that's what Facebook's for though - LOL!
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Best decision! (Other than getting married of cou

My husband and I were one of those couples that were unsure about getting a videographer. We kept saying "how many times are we gonna watch our own wedding video anyway?" Well, BGS productions did such a great job at capturing every important moment that we have watched it over twenty times in just our first year! Every time we watch it Brian and his team worked to fit our budget and listened to every request we had. We are so glad we decided to not only have a videographer but to have BGS document the best day of our lives.
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Best wedding money spent!!

My husband and I always knew we wanted to have a videographer at our wedding it was just a matter of finding the right one. With the entire wedding day being so intimate from getting ready to putting the dress on to seeing each other for the first time, we wanted to make sure the right person was with us documenting it every step of the way. Our venue coordinator recommended Brian from BGS to us and from the moment we walked in to his office we knew we found our guy. He showed us samples, listening to the story of how we met, asked us questions, and called my mom "Mom" which she and I both thought was beyond sweet. He was there every step of the way and would even check on me and give us non videographer related advice. The day of our wedding was just perfect. I totally forgot Brian was even in the room or around with a camera, it was all so natural. When our video came in the mail we both cried watching it, yes even my husband got teary eyed. Our wedding day was captured beautifully and it will be something we will treasure forever. If budget it tight for you, loose a layer of your cake, borrow a friends veil, get smaller centerpieces but make sure to fit BGS into your wedding budget. I swear it will be the best money you spend on your wedding. We've had the video for 3 weeks and we have probably watched it almost a dozen times. Thank you Brian and BGS Productions for giving us something priceless we will never forget!
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At first, I was not sure if I wanted to have a videographer at my wedding. I contemplated the decision because we already hired a photographer...was it worth the money? Absolutely!! The memories Brian captured for us will last a lifetime. So much of the day flies by; the video was unbelievable to have after the wedding. My husband and I got to relive our wedding day! I absolutely recommend Brian. He is a FANTASTIC videographer!
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Phenomenal videographer

BGS Productions is phenomenal! Speedy responses to calls, emails, etc, flexible with meetings, helpful with picking music for ceremony and video, all-over amazing! We worked with the owner, Brian, and he was the most helpful, considerate, professional and efficient person ever! He's done weddings at our venue (Malibu Lake Mountain Club, which works with Truly Yours Catering) a million times, so anytime I had a question about the food, timeline, music or whatever else, he answered in detail and helped me feel comfortable and confident with my decisions. I know that video, in general, is an expensive addition to a wedding, but BGS Productions was worth every penny! There are so many moments that can't be captured by a photo, so I'm thankful for Brian's services and just having him involved with my wedding :)
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Two words to describe BGS: Above & Beyond

I heart BGS. From the first email, to the delivery of my wedding DVDs, everything was smooth, organized and really EASY! Like most people, I almost didn't get a videographer bc of money blah blah blah... Long story short-ish, after several friends who did hire a videographer told me it was the best money they almost didn't spend, and the people who didn't do it, deeply regretted it, I knew we needed to bite the bullet and do it. I heard about BGS through a friend of mine who also had a great experience with BGS and later found out another friend of mine had hired them too. I went into their offices for a consultation and met with Brian, the owner. He was super cool, we hit it off, worked out a package that fit our needs and away we went. He was reliable and literally answered all my emails with endless questions, in the months leading up to the wedding, in a matter of minutes most of the time. Which is really nice when you need that info to make decisions about other things. The thing I liked most about BGS, Brian and his crew (besides their style/talent/etc), is that they LOVE what they do. I genuinely believe that makes all the difference at the end of the day. The whole experience was enjoyable, beginning to end and they did a killer job. Having still photos is great, but nothing captures those special moments that go FLYING by, like these guys do. I have watched my video a million times and am SO happy we spent the money and went for it with BGS. I can't wait to show our kids the video someday!!
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Memories For a Lifetime!

When it comes to planning a wedding and deciding on vendors you may be thinking "Why would I need a videographer?" Trust me, I thought the same thing. I thought that having photos would be all I needed. BUT the best blessing was deciding on having Brian and the team at BGS apart of our special day. Every moment was captured and we had a blast filled with tears and laughs watching our video recently on our one year anniversary. He\\\\'s fun, professional and the quality of his work is unlike any other! (I used to be a wedding planner so I have seen a lot of videos!) I'm sure you are able to see a lot of samples, but here is a link to ours!!
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Loved Loved Loved BGS!

I wasn't sure I wanted a videographer when starting to plan my wedding until I decided to meet with Brian of BGS and see what his services included. I was afraid of getting that typical cheesy wedding video that everyone says was a waste of money. I was so wrong and hiring BGS was the best thing I could have done. During the day of your wedding there are so many moving parts, so many things happening behind the scenes or while you are in another place getting ready or taking pictures and the day flies by so fast. Brian and his team capture all of it! I am so grateful that I have this keepsake that captured all of these moments that I didn't get to experience the day of my wedding. It allows me to re-live that amazing, perfect day over and over. Our experience with Brian was awesome from start to finish and our relationship has continued beyond the wedding. He treats all of his clients like great old friends and keeps in touch after the big day. His turnaround time is so fast so you don't have to wait very long to see the finished product. The quality of the video is done so well with such creativity and care. Brian goes above and beyond to provide excellent service, a great finished product and an all around pleasant experience. I can't say enough wonderful things about Brian and his team at BGS. You cannot go wrong with these guys! We love you Brian!
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The Best Investment Ever Made!!

When I first started my wedding planning, the first thing I decided to save money on was videography. I didn't believe it was necessary and plus I've always seen work that wasn't impressive nor worth the money. Until I met with Brian @ BGS productions. Today, I can't imagine not having my video which I watch all the time! I got the gift of reliving my fabulous day whenever I want! Brian Starkman did an amazing job capturing the happiness, love and emotion of the day that I still feel it every time I watch the video! He is truly talented and has an amazing eye in what he does. Any person can grab a camera and film, but only a truly talented and visual person can capture the raw emotion. I thank my stars daily that I ignored my first instinct and got to work with Brian - because of his work he gave me the best gift of all and I am forever thankful. I recommend BGS to all my friends getting married and I recommend that if you\\re reading this trying to decide - just log off and go call Brian! Not only does he make a gorgeous video, but he is also great at listening to what you want, he's easy to work with and the product turn around is quick! He's always accessible whenever you need him for anything. It's one of the best customer service I came across during my wedding planning process. Even during my wedding day, when something freaked me out he calmed down. He knows how to deal with people and that, to me, meant the world!
It'll be the best decision you make in the wedding planning process to work with BGS Productions. I'm saving you time by just saying do it!

Thank you Brian for your amazing work!!
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Words cannot describe how happy i am picking brian from bgs to be our videographer! he had our video ready for us in a month! and i loved how on top of it he was! i was the one lagging and taking my time and he wasnt like one of those videographers who just ignored u and left u hanging! i was a little hesitant at first due to the fact he wasnt armenian so i thought he wouldnt be familiar with the armenian traditions, boy was i wrong! he knew more than i did!!! his like my armenian brother! brian if u are reading this THANK YOU for ur beautiful work, professionalism , personality, and all of the above! you really exceeded all our expectations!!! Vick and i really couldnt be any happier! you are the BEST!
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Watching the video is like reliving the wedding

Brian covered our wedding last August, and he more than exceeded our expectations.

While choosing a videographer, I was very particular in what I wanted. I wanted a documentary-style video that would allow me to re-experience my wedding as if I was there all over again. I didn't want an overly edited MTV-style music video. I wanted to hear the original audio, I wanted to hear the music that was actually playing at the wedding, I wanted to hear what people were actually saying. I wanted something timeless that I could look back upon 30 years later and re-live the special moments of the wedding.

And when we met Brian for the first time, I was delighted to know that this was exactly his style! And plus, Brian is a great guy and very enthusiastic about his work, so choosing Brian as our videographer was an easy decision for me.

The day of the wedding, Brian was always around, capturing all of the action, yet he was very unobtrusive and didn't get in the way. Brian also added a special artistic touch by capturing some scenes in a very special and creative way. For example, he took a nice shot of my beautiful bride as seen through one of the lenses of my glasses as I was looking at her. I didn't realize what he was doing when he said "Hey, just stand right there, look straight ahead, oh this is going to look so cool later!". And it did look pretty cool later!

And Brian was pretty quick to give us our final videos. We had barely begun to unpack our bags from the honeymoon when Brian sent us a short little "preview" for our wedding video. It was amazing, and very emotional. The final video followed shortly thereafter.

For the final video, Brian had incorporated songs that we had requested, and synchronized the music with the scenes. The final product told a beautiful story that captured all the entire wedding. Watching the video felt like traveling in time back to our wedding day.

Thank you Brian, for allowing us to remember our wedding forever!
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Amazing Videographer!

One of the best decisions I made in planning my wedding was hiring Brian. He was able to capture the most memorable moments and present them in such a creative and romantic way. Brian's editing skills are impeccable! He did an amazing job in presenting the story of the most beautiful and joyous day of my life. Every time I watch the video I find myself laughing, crying, and remembering how happy I was on my wedding day. Thank you Brian!!
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The only videographer you should ever have!!!!!

Brian is amazing. He is young, energetic, creative, and honest. From the moment you meet with him he tells you everything upfront and gives the most original ideas! He's quick and his DVD turnaround time is rather rapid when comparing to other videographers. That does not mean he skimps on the editing. In fact his video editing is nothing short of a masterpiece. I can't thank Brian enough for capturing the most important moment of my life!!!!
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BGS = craftsmanship

Brian is wonderful to work with. The best part about Brian's work is that he captures the slightest detail of your event in ways that neither I nor my husband would even have imagined. There were moments that Brian paid attention to that were so subtle, but yet so significant and symbolic. The way Brian pulled together all the special most unique moments of our wedding and creatively laced them together made the video appear as if we were in a movie, much like a fairytale. The synchronizing of our special moments with the music that we chose made our entire video move along with such finesse. Our guests who have seen our video have felt the special attention that Brian invested into making our video so beautifully shot, similar to a fairytale. All have said that it is the best wedding video they have ever seen because of Brian's artistic efforts. My eyes tear up whenever I watch it (4 times so far).
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Loveee BGS!

I've known and been working with Brian from BGS for over 3 years now and have to tell you his work is amazing! Not your typical 6 hour wedding video!! He puts together the story of your wedding beautifully, almost like a movie. Guests will enjoy watching the recap of your big day just as much as you will love watching it over and over again! Brian was the videographer at my big day and also the one at most of my special family occasions! Check out my website for various recaps from BGS Productions!
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