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Full coverage photography is provided for every wedding that we shoot, ensuring that the full story of your day can be recorded in a beautiful, comprehensive, and stress-free manner.

In addition to photographic coverage, a number of different packages are available. These packages include many options for albums and prints and can be constructed for clients based on their individual needs.

Ruzz Photography is an award winning photography service with 16 Awards of Excellence. The images captured by Ruzz strike a unique and creative flair that has become her renowned signature. Her images speak for themselves.

RUZZ..."images that never leave your thoughts"


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Ruzz is a very talented photographer! We hired her for our wedding on 5/17/14 and both her and her team did a wonderful job!! She's very patient, professional and wonderful to work with. We now have a photographer for every fun-filled occasion in our lives. Highly recommend her!
We thank you! ~Arbi & Anoush
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Great Experience!

She came to my sisters wedding as a surprise since we originally hired her son Sako. She's such an amazing person to work with, very passionate in her job. Her and her son have amazing talent, suggest everyone to get her for your special day work is beyond magnificent, her photos are just breath taking!
Posted By: | Feb 7th, 2011 | View all my reviews
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Talented and Professional..

My fiance and I went and visited RUZZ for our wedding and we were very impressed by the quality of their work! RUZZ is amazing at what she does..she gives GREAT customer service. She sat down with us and went through everything step by step. She is not overpriced! In my opinion if you want someone good enough you will pay your all for them. Ruzz is WORTH IT ALL! the process was quick and easy, she helped us throughout everything and we were in and out with our minds set that she was the PERFECT photographer. I called her with other questions and she was helpful and very nice with everything. Her work is amazing and everything came out beautiful. Ruzz knows how to capture all the moments you WANT to remember from your wedding day. Shes young fun and exciting and the wedding day was a blast with her because she knows how to be unique with her photos. My husband and I loved her work and loved her as well. Everything takes a bit of time but with Ruzz Photography its totally worth it. When I look back at the pictures It feels like im there all over again. She does an AMAZING OUTSTANDING job! Thanks Ruzz for being the BEST!
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Did Not Choose Her...

I had contacted Ruzz for an engagement session and she was on the verge of going out of town; therefore, she offered to call me back to book our date for the session. She had told us that she would be back in 2 weeks. However, a month had passed by and I hadn't heard from her. Therefore, I decided to email Ruzz asking her to call me back and for a date and time and a pricing for her services.

It's sad to say that her bad reviews of her not returning calls and being irresponsible is all true. She never called us back or emailed us.

So disappointing that someone with great talent could be so irresponsible.

I'm glad we never started our business relationship with her because I don't know what to have expected of her after she took our pictures. Things do happen for a reason...
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Amazing Experience

We would like to thank you guys for such an amazing experience.
Ruzz and Sako make a great team and made us feel super comfortable. Ruzz posted one of the pre-wedding photoshoot pics and 2 from the wedding, and everyone is asking for more.... Their work is trully remarkable. Their prices are fair compared to the quality of work they do. There is no "indian style photography" husband and wife sneaking behind the tree... Their style of photography is very tasteful and different. Just book them and you wont regret it. These photos are the only memory you will have of the night... BTW I am writing this from Florence while honeymooning, can't wait to come back to the rest of our pictures. Your money is well spent here! Ciao
Posted By: | May 23rd, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Very talented photographer...!

I was married in 2009 and it took me a while to choose my pictures because I was very busy with my new married life. When I was ready to choose I had very hard time choosing because all my images were beautiful and perfect and I wanted all of them, but I knew I had a limit for my album. When I called I had no problem getting in touch with Ruzz. She was nice enough to take the time and help me choose the pictures with me. Now, it took me a year to get my album because she explained that because she is the one working on the images and designing the albums it takes time between all her clients. In my opinion I find it to be normal cause these days every photographer or videographer takes a year to prepare work. I give her 5 stars for her creative work and perfect images. She was very understanding and very sociable photographer during my wedding.
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Bella Nella Thanks Ruzz

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe Ruzz Photography! Every picture she takes is a piece of art, and we love every photo! Not only is Ruzz a dear friend, but she is an amazing women. Her passion is photography and her love is brides. Bella Nella can't imagine the show without Ruzz there to capture every moment! We can't thank her enough for all of her time and hard work! Without a doubt we will work with her again very soon!
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Me and my fiance couldn't find a good photographer for a long time. When I saw Ruzz's website I was amazed by the pictures that she took, so we decided to go and see her work at her office. The customer service was awful. Ruzz just put the albums on the table so we can look and left, and then a few minutes later came back saying: " you have any questions?" We had to ask every single thing instead of her showing us her work and giving some information. We had a feeling like she doesn't care. Plus she is overpriced. Her lowest package is $6000!!! Plus she doesn't give you a CD with your pictures and some printouts are not included in the package as well... CD you can get only if you will pay for it fifteen hundred's not worth it and I think it's not fair to her customers. After her we met with another photographer and decided to go with him. He is as good as Ruzz, plus super-nice person, and he has really nice packages...
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