Reviews written by Kara72

Ruzz Photography

Very talented photographer...!

I was married in 2009 and it took me a while to choose my pictures because I was very busy with my new married life. When I was ready to choose I had very hard time choosing because all my images were beautiful and perfect and I wanted all of them, but I knew I had a limit for my album. When I called I had no problem getting in touch with Ruzz. She was nice enough to take the time and help me choose the pictures with me. Now, it took me a year to get my album because she explained that because she is the one working on the images and designing the albums it takes time between all her clients. In my opinion I find it to be normal cause these days every photographer or videographer takes a year to prepare work. I give her 5 stars for her creative work and perfect images. She was very understanding and very sociable photographer during my wedding.
Apr 20th, 2010