Reviews written by AS124

Kris Kan


Kris is an awesome photographer. He is not only an awesome photographer but his personality is very different, he is very Genuine and listens to whatever you have to say, from the first day you meet him you feel like you've been best friends since the day you were born!!! He really captures breath taking moments!! After I looked at his pictures on his website my Jaw fell to the floor I couldn't pick it up for days loll!! His pictures don't look like normal pictures that everyone can take with a disposable camera his pictures have stories and meaning to it and you feel like you are there with those people in the pictures!!! He does crazy things with that Camera and Lens...I don't know what else to say because words aren't enough..All I have to say is that Kris is the best and you will not regret a single penny you spent which you won't care about because his prices are verrryyyyy affordable
Jul 3rd, 2010
Where should I start, well Gor and his Father Khoren are the best people I've ever met. Once you start working with them you forget the fact they are just the camera crew, they treat you like family and because of their fun, funny, and awesome personalities you feel like family! They really are the best and I recommend them to anyone!!!
Jul 3rd, 2010

The Design Shop

Crazy, Unique, Exquisite, and Extraordinary!!

WOW, Siran is the most sweetest and genuine personality. When I first met her I knew she was the person to go to. She does everything from Table cloths to even Plates!!! Wow I can go to one place and come out with several things now that I love... her invitation cards are to die for...Don't get me started on her flower arrangements, she has the most beautiful and extraordinary hand bouquets for the brides and anyone else who is holding it. Her centerpieces are breath taking the moment I walk into a banquet hall I know she made the flowers because she has her own signature on the flowers she makes. She can take the cheapest flowers and make something that looks like $10,000 but her real price is amazing and really affordable...Her flower arrangements are just like ART!! Her work is well worth the money plus she has room to charge more!!! If you think she charges a lot then you are wrong you will never find an affordable place like her....You are going Champagne taste for a beer budget loll!!! Anyways Siran is the best never going to Change my mind....I love You Sera!!!
Jul 3rd, 2010