Reviews written by AnetaArgo

Golden Picture and Video

Engagement- November 26th, 2011

We found Golden Picture and Video from and after reading all the great comments everyone has been leaving we decided to book them for our engagement party. Last night was our event and we can't begin to thank Sarmen and his wonderful crew enough. Everything was fantastic. We are more than happy with the results and are grateful we had a chance to work with wonderful and professional people. With them you don't get typical wedding/engagement pictures and poses most photographers deliver. Sarmen and his crew have a different vision and the pictures come out brilliant and amazing. I highly recommend them to everyone. You will not regret it. Ca't wait to work with them again for our wedding. Once again thank you for all you did and making us very happy. Best of yet thank you for delivering just exactly what you had promised. Our expectations have been greatly met.

~*~Argishti and Aneta~*~
Nov 27th, 2011