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DJ Jack K

Heart & Soul of The Night

Growing up I was the one who burned CDs for all my friends. Everyone knew me as the go to person to get the newest and best music from. Unfortunately I can not be in control of the music at my wedding, so I had to go with someone who I could trust and would listen to all my requests. I was able to meet with Jack before my wedding and on the spot I knew he was the DJ I wanted. He honored all my requests and even provided me tips and recommendations on what to do and what not to do based on his experience. I couldn’t believe how well the night flowed. Jack treated my guests on the dance floor as if they were his own and made sure they had the best music playing through the night. Thank you Jack, much love from my wife and I for making our wedding night one to remember.
Aug 14th, 2018

Simply Glamorous Events

Wedding Planning

"Sharon thank you SOOO much for all you did for us! Richard mentioned it already, but honestly I have to say you really helped that entire day move SOO smoothly for us. Our biggest worry was that something would go wrong and we'd be so busy we'd have no way to fix it. We felt so comforted knowing you're there for anything we needed, big or small! We can't thank you enough. We still keep talking about it and how everything we wanted happened the way we imagined and nothing went wrong... we couldn't be happier!!! I've seen my friends work with other wedding planners before and even then it's been unorganized and major issues had come up. You're so professional, organized, and patient - hence it all fell into place so perfectly. Many of my friends asked about you. I've given them your contact info, I'll let them know to tell you I referred them when they do reach out. I know I will see you again at their weddings and for sure all our future events we will need planning for! You're amazing! I hope you and hubby have a blast on your vacation! You totally deserve it! " - Text from the Bride & Groom to Sharon. She will go above and beyond for you, I promise.
Aug 9th, 2018