Reviews written by Liana_m

If I could rate this 0 I gladly would! I never leave reviews for anything but golden picture is so horrible, unprofessional, unorganized, and straight up liars that I created an account just to warn people NOT to book them! I unfortunately booked them for my wedding and this man (Sarmen in specific) is the laziest photographer I have ever come across! He doesn't care ladies!!! Sarmen has no attention to detail and he just genuinely doesn't care about you or your wedding and how it turns out once he gets his money expect to get ignored! I have been waiting for my wedding video for over a year now (when he said videos take up to 9 months when booking him) and every time I call him to ask how much longer it's going to take he ignores my calls or just turns off his phone I have to go out of my way and use other people's phones that he doesn't have their phone number so he doesn't recognize the number and finally picks up, and when he realizes who it is he comes up with the stupidest excuses or tells me to go pick it up and when I show up at the office he's not there or he says it still isn't ready and my favorite lie was that his copy machine was broken for 3 months! Sarmen is a knockoff version of other photographers. He lacks professionalism, motivation, and over all needs to find a new career path because photography is not his strength. When I watch videos taken of my wedding day on my friends/family's phone I realized that Sarmen wasn't even taking any pictures of the bride and groom instead he was on his phone. As for my wedding pictures I was expecting to have a lot more pictures than I actually was given and there are random pictures taken of the walls or floors by accident I'm assuming because again he doesn't care! He just tries to get a couple decent shots for Instagram so he can post it to show his followers that he's good and that's how he gets his clients because I doubt anyone whose dealt with this company would book them again. All Sarmen cares about is getting your money once you have paid him expect to be ignored. Hey Sarmen if you're reading this - give me what I paid for! I will tell as many people as I can to never trust this lying man for their special events because these moments are irreplaceable! I've came across so many family and friends that say he's horrible and will never book him again. My goal is to let as many brides know about how terrible this company is especially Sarmen so they won't have to deal with what I've had to deal with. If you're going to invest in something expensive for your wedding make sure you get a proper professional photographer who actually cares unlike Sarmen and his team of brainwashed liars.
Aug 13th, 2016