Reviews written by MilenaTorosyan

Golden Picture and Video

Amazing work!

When they say your photographer can either make or break your wedding, they weren't kidding! We are more than satisfied from our photographer, Sarmen and his crew Golden picture. I can proudly say that Golden picture is what made our wedding day that much more amazing. Thinking about it, you spend your whole day, wedding day might I add, with someone who is going to capture your every moment on your special day..You want to spend it with someone who is sweet, positive and going to uplift your spirit and Sarmen is just the guy to do so! He works with you so you feel comfortable while still maintaining that professional relationship. All our guests were so pleased with Sarmen's wonderful attitude and of course the beautiful work that he creates! My wedding day was something I have dreamnt of my whole life, just like every other girl I'm imagining, and trust me when I say this is my best advice to you Ms. Future bride and groom, Golden Picture is your guy! I guarantee, you will not regret it. I wanted to share our wonderful experience with Sarmen and his crew so you all can know that they're people you can be sure of. We will definitely book Golden Picture for all of our future occasions! Thank you for making our special day even more special!
-Zaven and Milena
Jun 23rd, 2013