Reviews written by NYC

DJ Sevag

Absolutely, hands down, the best DJ

My husband and I are thrilled that we hired Sevag to DJ our wedding. Judging by our guest list, my husband and I thought we would have a more quiet wedding with less dancing. Boy were we wrong! Sevag had everyone on the dance floor the entire night! We received countless comments from our guests after our big day about how great the music was, and how they hadn't danced so much at any wedding previously. Of all the decisions we made about our wedding, Sevag was our best choice. He is incredibly professional, calm, and reads the crowd amazingly well. Many, many thanks to you, Sevag!
Dec 27th, 2017

Magnolia Village Flowers

Terrible customer service

I had a bad experience with them and I was going to let it go, that is, until I spoke with my already married friends and one of them mentioned they had the same experience as I did with MVF. I emailed them several days in advance to schedule a consultation. Everything was fine and dandy; I was getting responses to my emails fairly quickly. The day of my appointment, I emailed them to confirm the appointment. They responded to me at 12:30pm stating they'll see me that afternoon. I drove nearly 30 miles to get there to be told that the florist isn't there and is "sick". I told them I'd confirmed the appointment 4 hours ago and it would've been nice if I didn't have to drive all the way to their shop for no reason. I get it; people get sick and there's nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is failing to communicate that important piece of information with the customer. The younger woman behind the counter apologized and said that the florist usually never does this. Or does she? As mentioned above, I spoke to my friends a few days later about my experience and one of my married friends said this florist did the same thing to her when she was planning her wedding, too! I guess the florist had admitted to forgetting her consultation appointment. Moral of the story: This place seems to do a good job making floral arrangements but good luck with dealing with their unprofessional staff.
Nov 22nd, 2016