Reviews written by alenisagholi

Royal Gor Photo & Video Studio

Wedding Dream Team

Two teams of photographers and videographers spent an entire day with our bridal party going to five different locations. Professional attitude with amazing results. Here is how/why we chose Royal Gor and we are very happy with our decision.

First Impression: Having to deal with a dozen or more vendors for an Armenian wedding, you come to realize Armenians don't have any customer service, to us Armenians that's normal, but when we walked into Royal Gor studio we were acknowledged right away. Clean studio represents clean work. Met with the team and their work by far was better than any other vendor we had seen. Our second visit, we knew Royal Gor would be perfect.

Professionalism: On the wedding day the entire team wore matching Royal Gor outfits, simple black on black clean cut, nothing distracting. Gor, the team lead, wore a suit and tie. Thank you for wearing a suit and tie to my wedding. I've been to a wedding that the DJ has a big display infront of him with his DJ name, the photo/video team members are wearing big logo T-shirts and the singer after a few songs gives plugs to the vendors, looks like reality TV show.

Quality: I am not saying this because it's my wedding, but I can put my brother's wedding photos (other vendor) next to my best friend's wedding photos (another vendor) next to mine and you can honestly tell the difference. Quick turnaround and it came in a nice package. Presentation is key!

Price: We didn't do the traditional 24-hour wedding which most Armenians do. We explained our wedding itinerary to Gor; the places we wanted to go, things we wanted to capture and our budget. We were pleased with the price and the flexible payment plans. We honestly saw 8 other photo/video vendors before going with Royal Gor, don't sacrifice the only memory you will have from your wedding day.

Overall: The hardest vendor to pick for our wedding because it was the single most important part, more than the flowers and more than the dj. The best vendor I dealt with. After the wedding most of my family members were saying how nice the photo/video team were.

Mar 13th, 2013