Reviews written by bride23

Hovik was absolutely the best! We hired him after seeing his work for my friend's wedding. He was so kind, took his time with us and was very professional and helpful! He really cared and put in effort. We were on a time crunch as well because we were taking photos after church before going to the hall, and it was getting dark outside considering time of year, but Hovik and his partner did everything they could to make sure they captured the best photos possible. We will definitely make them our family photographers in the future! Can't wait to see our pictures!!!
Nov 18th, 2014

Classic Pastry & Café

Delicious Wedding Cake

I loved my wedding cake b/c it actually tasted good and looked just like the picture I had shown them! We were eating the cake the next day and it still tasted amazing! Some cake makers make pretty cakes that taste horrible and dry, but if you want a moist delicious cake that also looks good, Classic Pastry is the way to go! Thank you!
Nov 18th, 2014

LA Banquets

Anoush Glenoaks is the Best!

Anoush was probably one of the best vendors I could have chose for our wedding! Haik was extremely professional, helpful and accommodating the entire year up to our wedding. He was always quick to respond to all my questions and emails and made me very comfortable. Our wedding was Mexican Armenian and we wanted to incorporate foods from both cultures. They made a main dish for us that is not even on their menu and it was great! And most of all, the venue is just beautiful! Thanks for everything!
Nov 18th, 2014

Love Boat Limousine

Great Limo Service!

On time, great service, nice limo! Oh, and reasonable pricing!! Loved them!!
Nov 18th, 2014

Paradise Flower Boutique

Loved my Flowers!

I went to Paradise for my wedding flowers. Not only did the owner really work with my budget, but she also made my centerpiece flowers, bridal bouquet and head table beautifully. I also loved the guy's flowers! The only reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because my bridesmaid's flowers for some reason were made a little flimsy and started falling apart before we entered the hall and I was a little disappointed about that piece, otherwise, everything else was wonderful!
Nov 18th, 2014

CMC Party Rentals

Unorganized & Unprofessional

I rented my table linen for my head table from CMC Rentals for $45. I then had my MOH pick it up for me 3 days before my wedding. My MOH paid for the linen and then Anoush Banquet Hall told me CMC would be picking up the linen on the Monday after my wedding. I came back from my honeymoon with a voicemail from CMC saying I had a balance that I still owed and that they had not received the table linen back. I called them and said it was paid for 3 days before the wedding and the banquet hall said they picked up the linen. They told me they would look into it and call me right back. 5 days later I get a call back again saying I owed them money. I called back and once again stated that it was paid and my MOH was even given a receipt of payment. They said they did not receive payment and that the lady my MOH had given the money to said she did not get any money. At the end of all this complication, I said I will not pay double. I was then told that they were not asking for me to pay double, just saying that I had a balance and then hung up on me. I then asked why they would even give their product to someone without obtaining payment anyway? What company just gives over their product without obtaining payment when they specifically told me they would have to obtain payment at the time of pick up. I was quite disturbed by the level of unprofessionalism and disorganization for a company of their size. I will definitely not rent from them ever again. Either they were trying really hard to jip me as a customer and see if they can get away with it or they have really confused people running their place. Horrible service...the only vendor that gave me a hard time...over a $45 table linen!
Nov 18th, 2014