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*REPOST: Original blog from April 2011*

Wow! What a spectacular wedding ceremony! Everything was absolutely gorgeous! First, we were impressed by the creative decision by Prince William and Kate Middleton to place maple trees in the inside of Westminster Abbey to represent strength and resilience in marriage.

Next, it was amazing to see all the guests arrive hours before the wedding - and everyone was looking stunning, especially the women with the elegant hats. Next, we were so excited to watch Prince William and his brother Prince Harry enter the church, both dressed in military uniforms. They were soon followed by Queen Elizabeth, who entered the church looking as classy as ever.

And then came the moment we were all waiting for - seeing Kate Middleton in her wedding gown! Kate looked absolutely stunning, with a gorgeous dress designed by famous British designer, Sarah Burton. Sarah Burton was appointed as the creative director of Alexander McQueen after the designer's death in 2010. Kate's dress was a full skirted dress with lace covering her arms and shoulders. Her veil was delicate and her tiara was simple yet stunning.

The ceremony was beautiful, and Princess Catherine looked so classy, elegant, and happy through the entire ceremony. The ceremony lasted just over an hour, ending just after 4am Pacific time.

The Royal Wedding Party
Photo Credit: Photographer Hugo Burnand

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*REPOST: Original blog from April 2011*

One of the most anticipated weddings of the century is here! Prince William and Kate Middleton will be getting married on Friday, April 29th at the Westminster Abbey in England.

As much of a production Armenian weddings tend to be, they are nothing close to the Royal Wedding! We were surprised to see the guest count was 1,900 people!! Can you imagine that large of a wedding?!

And you thought Armenian invitations can be gaudy? Well I guess when you are part of the Royal Family, it's OK to have die stamped gold on your invitation.

That's pretty much where the similarities come to an end. The Royal Wedding will start at 11am on Friday (I guess there's no pre-party at the soon-to-be Princess' parent's house). Kate Middleton has decided that she would prefer arriving by car instead of the traditional carriage. However, the couple plans to leave Westminster Abbey in a beautiful and picturesque carriage.

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Before I get into the details of the wedding planning, I figured I should start with a brief introduction of me and Shant. We have been together for 4 years. We met in Los Angeles while he was in law school and I was working. After dating for about 6 months, we ended up moving South for our new jobs. I moved to San Diego to start working at a new company and Shant moved to San Clemente to start working at his law firm.

Dating Shant has been such a wonderful experience! We have a very easy to manage relationship. We're very alike, we enjoy very similar types of things (lots of outdoor activities like surfing, skating, hiking, etc) and we get along very well. Both Shant and I are Armenian - except he doesn't speak Armenian very well and isn't as much in tune with all the traditions and cultural things. (You'll find out that this becomes a factor as we start the wedding planning process)

Next up, the ring shopping experience...

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Every girl dreams of planning a wedding with an endless budget. But few actually get to live that dream. That's where Platinum Weddings comes in! This popular TV show captures stunning weddings with nearly unlimited budget.

We're excited to announce that an Armenian couple is featured on an episode of Platinum Weddings! Natasha & Raffie got married last September at The Four Seasons in Westlake Village. Many of Harsanik.com's very own vendors were used for this wedding, including Duke Photography  and Royal Gor Video!

Armenian Platinum Wedding

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Sunday September 27th was the big day for a famous woman of Armenian descent. I'm sure you've all heard her name. In case you haven't already read the story and need help figuring out who we're talking about, here are a few clues:

  1. She has her own TV show
  2. She married a famous basketball player
  3. She planned her wedding in less than a month

As you probably know or guessed, it's Khloe Kardashian! Khloe, 25, and Lamar Odom from the LA Lakers, 29, were married in an outdoor ceremony at a Beverly Hills home. Khloe wore a Vera Wang gown, the cake was from Hansen's Cakes, and the invitations were from Lehr & Black, who also made invitations for stars like Jessica Simpsons and Gwen Stefani. (Sources include Hollyscoop & People)

While it was not a traditional Armenian wedding, the guest list included 250 people, which is fairly close to the average Armenian wedding size according to a recent Harsanik.com survey.

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of her wedding to share, but you'll be able to catch the wedding on the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Instead, here's a picture of the cute couple from the White Night Red Carpet by photographer Kris Kan.

Kris Kan


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